Who We Are

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We are bringing real hope
The Olorunsheyi foundation has started activities for about 2 decades now. Since 2012 over 200 students have gotten scholarship funding for promotional examination. Olorunsheyi has created a pool of fund for the past 3 years to help small businesses start or scale up.

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About Our Founder

SUNDAY OLUWAGBENGA OLORUNSHEYI is a Nigerian business man and an international business leader with a professional experience of over 20 years in building businesses in different sectors of work. He is the Co-founder of Pertinence Limited (owners of ABC and VIP Gardens with a team of over 3,000 staff nationwide) and Chief Executive Officer of Globarel Group and Shop@Discount.

Sunday is a successful serial entrepreneur, a business and management consultant, an investment advisor and a global keynote speaker. His life project is to help people in business break-forth by empowering their minds via training and mentoring. He serves a vast number of clientele in different fields on matters of Management Strategy Development, Business Expansion, Product/Service Development, Activation & Adaptation, Sales and Marketing, Portfolio Management, Investment Risk Assessment and General Business Development.

He’s currently the Lead Mentor at Olorunsheyi Mentorship Platform with a vision to raise globally relevant people. As a dedicated philanthropist, he is also the Founder & Chairman of The Olorunsheyi Foundation established to tackle poverty, poor education and community health issues in Africa. Sunday is also a faculty member at The African Leadership forum.

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