What We Do

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We are bringing real hope
The Olorunsheyi foundation has started activities for about 2 decades now. Since 2012 over 200 students have gotten scholarship funding for promotional examination. Olorunsheyi has created a pool of fund for the past 3 years to help small businesses start or scale up.

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The root causes of Nigeria’s level of poverty is linked with the absence of the opportunities for youth in all sections of life in general and particular in livelihoods. Active participation of the youth in decision making and development of the country is neglected and never given a chance to decide their fate. This has made youth of the country frustrated and restless and compelled them to take part in the unhealthy activities.

Eradication of poverty cannot be brought about by charity, but needs first and foremost empowering the poor, focusing on the younger generation, providing them with tools for personal and professional development and helping them tap into their tremendous potential.

“We don’t just give people fish but we teach them how to fish”


The main objective of this program was to set up a sustainable support infrastructure in Nigeria for helping the less privileged and to take steps towards computer literacy according to the needs of the particular area.

Some of the specific objectives of the project are as follows:

  • To assist in the development of skills and manpower resources required for the rapid growth and development of Nigeria
  • To assist in the development of skills required for the growth and development of local and international economies by establishing IT institutes to service various localities.
  • Afford poor people an opportunity to exchange views and ideas on matters pertaining to computer education and training, and to maintain affiliations with local and foreign Associations with similar objectives.

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We are playing our role in promotion of education by providing assistance funding of students’ tuition and supply of educational materials. Primary education has been continuing to expand. The gender gap in most levels of primary education has been eliminated with efforts. However, while the provision of inputs has increased, the retention of children in education remains a serious challenge, partly because of the costs borne by households, and the achieved proficiency of students shows no clear trend. Quality of education remains an important challenge.

We have a goal of taking 30 children out of the streets into schools every year and helping them stay in school by providing them with resources they need for quality education.

In the nearest future, we hope to build educational facilities that offers free education on all levels and make it accessible to people who naturally cannot afford education.

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