The Big Heart (2021 in Retrospect)

The prevalence of hardship, lack and deficiency in the Nigerian communities is a diminishing factor to growth as this has led to the quest to help the underserved and the less privileged in its community. 2021 for the olorunsheyi foundation was a time to contribute to the health sector of the society, visiting communities and giving welfare packages that could aid their standard of living.
In our bid to help others, we visited 11 communities in the space of six months rendering helping hands. From Araromi primary school in Gbagada to Ilaje. Aiding others in despair is what makes the Olorunsheyi foundation thrive. Erin Ijesha, Ipole Iloro, the segregated Fulani Settlement in Ekiti, advocating good health and education which are core values for societal growth.
Obaake, a little village on the hill of the Erin Ijesha wasn’t left out. Secluded from the social amenities and healthy lifestyle of people in the city, Obaake yearns for development and growth. Giving hope and rendering help to this community was worth it. Helping Baruwa community, a small village descending from the Erin Ijesha Hill was amazing.
Sometimes help comes in the little things we do that brings hope to someone. As the world commemorates the international day of a girl child, the female students at Symbol Height School, Ajuwon were taught basic health hygiene in a Girl Project partnering with SKHI. While 2021 opened with Leverage 3.0 which was an empowerment programme themed ‘Take the Lead’. It concluded with an empowerment outreach as the Volunteers of the Olorunsheyi Foundation journeyed through the river to Badagry to Fienku Island and Gayon on the 21st of December in 2021 in an outreach titled SKILLED. Startup packs were given to 40 participants to start their businesses.
This is 2021 in retrospect, reaching out to 11 communities and impacting over 2000 (Two Thousand) people in these communities.

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