Real Estate Mogul Assists Five Communities with Welfare Materials in August

As the world evolves and growth becomes a yardstick for societal development, there are places in Nigeria where social amenities are regarded as dreams or fantasies. The livelihood and standard of living in the twentieth century are but bewilderment to people in these communities. In August, for a community health outreach, the Olorunsheyi Foundation visited some of the communities.

The olorunsheyi foundation committed to societal growth and community health visited these communities with aids to ameliorate the hardship and difficult lifestyle they are living in. These communities are located in Osun and Etiki state. The outreach which was held from the 22nd – 29th of August 2021 assisted five communities Erin Ijesha, Obaake, Baruwa (Osun State) Ipole Iloro and the Fulani Settlement (Ekiti State).

The unhealthy lifestyle and the poor standard of living are but in a worrisome state for some of the communities visited. The lack of access to basic things of life such as Light, drinkable water and improper defecation system is a major problem of amenities never enjoyed by some of the communities. In the bid to make life easy for the communities involved, the Olorunsheyi Foundation gave welfare aids to the impacted communities and these aids include goodies for over 1000 kids in these five communities. Also, Over 950 sanitary pads were given to women in the five communities visited.

The Founder of the Olorunsheyi Foundation, Olorunsheyi Sunday is so committed to community health, empowerment and the growth of education in Africa.

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