Every success story starts with a seed, we are planting the seeds for a better Africa.

Who we are

With activities for about a decade, the Olorunsheyi foundation is aimed at becoming the leading organization centered on education, health interventions and wealth creation.  The goal is to create value and affect over 1 million people positively in the next 10 years across Africa. Since its inception in 2012, the foundation has invested in giving promotional examination scholarship to hundreds of people, embarked on medical outreaches and has also helped so many small businesses grow.

We envisage a society with positive change by affecting the lives of over 1 million people across Africa.


— Our Vision

To become the leading institution for national sustainability


— Our Mission

Create intervention through education, wealth creation and community health


SUNDAY OLUWAGBENGA OLORUNSHEYI is a Nigerian businessman and an international business leader with professional experience of over 20 years in building businesses in different sectors of work. He is the Co-founder of Pertinence Limited (owners of ABC and VIP Gardens with a team of over 3,000 staff nationwide) and Chief Executive Officer of Globarel Group and Shop@Discount.

Sunday is a successful serial entrepreneur, a business and management consultant, an investment advisor and a global keynote speaker. His life project is to help people in business break-forth by empowering their minds via training and mentoring. He serves a vast number of clientele in different fields on matters of Management Strategy Development, Business Expansion, Product/Service Development, Activation & Adaptation, Sales and Marketing, Portfolio Management, Investment Risk Assessment and General Business Development.

He’s currently the Lead Mentor at Olorunsheyi Mentorship Platform with a vision to raise globally relevant people. As a dedicated philanthropist, he is also the Founder & Chairman of The Olorunsheyi Foundation established to tackle poverty, poor education and community health issues in Africa. Sunday is also a faculty member at The African Leadership Forum.

Sunday is married to delectable Omotayo and their union is blessed with children

What We Do


— Wealth Creation

Known for its investment in people, The Olorunsheyi foundation wants to create platforms for the creation of community wealth.  Creating wealth for us is more than giving grants, we want to create an environment where others can create wealth for themselves and have enough to give to others. This will be done through youth development and other wealth creation platforms.


This is one important aspect for the foundation because solving this could lead to the progression of other aspects in the society.  Some of the specific objectives for this is;

  • To develop skills and manpower through youth development and other platforms for the growth and development of Africa
  • To support small scale businesses and help them grow into international standards.
  • Give the grass-roots equal opportunity to exchange views and ideas on matters pertaining to digital education, training and also maintain affiliations with local and foreign association with similar interest

— Education

Research shows that over 10 million Nigerian children are out of school, we want to build an institution where out of school children can access quality education by funding students’ tuition fees and also supply educational aiding materials.  We understand the shortcomings in the education sector and want to bridge the gap between education, a good learning environment and the African child.

In our bids to achieving our mission for the foundation, we have a goal to taking 30 children out of the streets into schools every year and helping them stay in school by providing them with resources needed for quality education.

In the future, we hope the Olorunsheyi Foundation builds educational facilities that offer quality education at all levels and make education accessible to people who cannot afford it.


— Community Health

With the challenges of every developing country, comes the state of healthcare. In every statistics lies that one person who finds it difficult to pay bills and this could be saddening because it could lead to a loss of life. At the Olorunsheyi Foundation, we understand that every life matter and whatever is done towards improving the health sector counts.

We are creating a platform to enable payment of hospital bills, provision of quality healthcare, providing aids for people with disabilities and also granting individual and organizations working on research funds to combat diseases or aid health care.

We hope to make primary healthcare accessible to 100 thousand vulnerable people in the society.

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Vision Care Initiative in partnership with the olorunsheyi Foundation

The Olorunsheyi Foundation in partnership with IBWU

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— Our Core Values

  • Empowerment
  • Value Creation
  • Wealth Creation
  • Partnership
  • Integrity

Pertinence Place, 2-7 Tinuola Close, Akowonjo Egbeda Lagos.


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